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Get your Unbox Concert ticket now by making exclusive payment using blu. Enjoy cashbacks in collaboration with UPH Unbox event up to Rp 20.000,- per user during the event and don’t forget to visit BCA Digital’s booth from 19 – 24 June 2023 for more information in Unbox Market.

Download the app on Google Play Store or App Store and start using blu.

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M - Maxx Coffee
M - Wing Stop
S - Avenzel
S - EF
S - Somethinc
S- Good Day
S - Nongshim
S - Kororo
S - Crystalin
S - Garantea
S - Panjang Jiwo
S - Teh Gelas
S - Fullo
S - Oops
S - Tango


Check out all the schedules during the 3-days Unbox event, and download the map to see all the locations of the installations and events.

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